A Music Playlist You Could Probably Vibe To

frends headphones

I told myself that I’d incorporate more music into my blog, and I’m happy to say that I’m finally putting thoughts into action.

From MySpace music coding and adding a Soundcloud embed into my blog posts, to crying at concerts and interviewing artists, down to getting a job in the music/tech biz, music has always been with me all of my life the same way it has probably been with you. So, I’m happy to announce that there will be a hell of a lot more music related things happening in my corner of the internet.

listening to music

I wanted to start off with a playlist series that I’m titling, “you could probably ___ to this.” I’m not sure if it will be monthly, every other month, once a quarter, etc. but I do know that I’m curating my favorite songs into something you can listen to if you want. Maybe you’ll find a gem or two that you haven’t come across yet.

My first playlist is called “you could probably vibe to this” — it’s two minutes shy of being an hour long and there’s 16 songs that have been on repeat for me.

You can find it/listen to it on Spotify and Pandora.

Hope y’all love it just as much as I do!