15 Things I Love About Chicago

Chicago Love

It’s both strange and comforting to say that I have lived in Chicago my whole life. Yes, the actual ‘city city’ — and I will admit that I am guilty of being that person who gives a slight side eye to those who say they are too when they really are from a suburb.

As I get older, I often find myself fantasizing about the day I will move to a new city so much so that I tend to forget just how sweet and special Chitown really is. Although I could write pages and pages on my favorite things about Chicago, I thought I would keep it relatively short and basic for those days where I lose sight of Windy City’s greatness.

Here are 15 things I love about Chicago (plus so much more, there might be multiple posts about this in the future because this one is more of an overview):

chicago seasons

1. The first days of a new season. In the Summer the city feels like it comes alive — almost electrifying — in the Fall there’s rumbling excitement, the sense of comradely in the Winter helps with the negative temps, and the almost seemingly perfect calm stillness when that Spring air hits makes it all worth it.

2. Complaining about the weather. It’s too hot and it is too cold. But, please don’t tell me to stop moaning about it because I have lived it over and over and over again year after year for 28 years and counting. I know what I’m dealing, so let me be grumpy in my beautiful city. We’re never satisfied with the weather and are okay with that.


3. Being able to take public transportation almost anywhere. I have a love-hate relationship with the CTA but it sure as hell gets me from point A to point B.

4. Experiencing new neighborhoods. I have lived everywhere from Belmont-Cragin to Ukrainian Village to Humboldt Park to East Lakeview and each experience has been wildly different. The beauty is that I can continue to explore new locations every day and still find something new.

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5. You can know absolutely nothing about sports but you’re always somehow rooting for Chicago to pull through.

6. The architecture is breathtaking. Always look up and be amazed.

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7. How the city unifies to collectively eye-roll at the man who used to stand (still stands?) in front of the Old Navy on State Street and yell hateful things. We don’t have time for that mess.

8. How passionate people are about deep dish pizza and not putting ketchup on their hot dogs.

9. Free access to museums, shows, festivals, etc.

chicago blogger

10. Street/L performers. Seriously, stop and listen to them and your mind will be blown.

11. The unspoken understanding that the “Willis” tower will only be referred to as the Sears tower.

12. We all avoid Navy Pier like the plague because we know better.

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13. The Chicago Pride Parade and Market Days — no explanation needed.

14. Its midwestern charm, duh.

15. It’s my home.

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