The Best Places To Shop Online If You're Short

asos petite polka dot skirt

Being short — five feet to be exact — means that shopping has been interesting for me. Struggling to find pants that don’t drag on the floor or trying to score a cozy sweater that doesn’t drown me because it hits my knees is my normal experience. However, I do have an advantage: My mother is a seamstress and she would always hem, cut, or make alterations to things for me and my family. Even though I have been lucky enough to have perfect fits thank to my madre, I can’t always have her fixing things for me — and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to be at her sewing machine 24/7 because of me, either.


Because my hero always tailored my pieces, it never occurred to me that there are stores that cater to shorter people. It sounds dumb, I know, but I never went looking for the ‘petite’ section of shops until this year.

It has been a breath of fresh air to finally wear things that were meant for my height and that also fit my chubby lil’ body. So I’m going to share a couple with you in case you are on the same boat like me.

stay at home club tshirt

ASOS: This shouldn’t be shocking, but if you haven’t checked out their petite section then you are missing out! They also have tall and curve + plus-size ranges if you wanted to take a look there too. The endless options and price points are what really sell me on this site.

zara pleather jacket
fall outfit

TOPSHOP: Topshop has always been one of those stores I make a wish list for but never buy anything because it would make me and my wallet cry. Even though it can be a bit pricey, their items are beautifully made and always make me feel like badass queen when I do end up purchasing something. Oh, and they also carry my favorite jeans that I have been raving about for years.

REFORMATION: This is the store I do “window shopping” at but do hope to be the owner of a couple of rad pieces in the future.

stay home club shirt

ANTHROPOLOGIE: I realized that I only buy homeware from this store but I always take a cheeky little look through their petite section. I currently have my eye on this sweater because it reminds me of Bob Ross!

OLD NAVY: The perfect place to get some basics, which is surprisingly hard to do when you’re 6-7 inches below average height.

autumn in chicago

PRETTYLITTLETHING: I have become slightly obsessed with this store because everything is organized like a dream on their page.

Nordstrom: Duh.


Madewell: A go-to for pants, mostly because that’s all they carry in their petite range but also because they really do know how to make a sweet pair of jeans.

all black outfit

That’s all I have on my radar for now in terms of the styles I like. I know there’s dozens of other shops that have petite sizing so if you have any sites that you love, let me know and I will check them out!

Jacket — Zara / Skirt — Asos / Shirt — Stay Home Club / Sunnies — Quay Australia / Shoes — H&M

Photos by LadyLooLauren