11 Things About Me

Space buns hair style

Natalia, from Nat-urally Stylish, tagged me in her blog post well over three months ago, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about it.

As my "blogging mojo" has been on the fritz lately, I thought this would be a perfect post  to have up — especially since I don't have an 'About Me' page. I know, I know, it's a content creator sin, but I'm working on it.

Even though I won't be tagging any people to do this as well, if you're reading this and want to participate, you're more than welcome. I think there's a couple of11-set questions floating around, so pick what works the best for you.


1. How do you know what to wear every morning? Do you pick an outfit the night before, or morning of?

I don’t! But, nine out of ten times I end up wearing an all-black outfit (or a combination of dark grays and black) because it’s easy for me. Usually I’m picking out my look the morning of, but on rare occasions I’ll piece together a more “fun” outfit the night before, right as I’m going to bed — and it doesn’t always look the way I imagined it in my head, tbh.

2. Did you look up to someone growing up?

I think I always looked up to my mom. I found her ability to persevere and succeed as an immigrant woman incredibly inspiring, especially in a world where being anything other than white is a struggle.

3. What are three of your top places to shop.

Asos, Zara, and Uniqlo.

Space buns hair style

4. What’s something your readers might misinterpret about you?

Because I put myself on the internet in a very public manner, people immediately assume that I’m a confident, extroverted person. Sorry to break it to ya, but that’s far from the case.

5. Whenever you’re not blogging what is it you like to do?

I am VERY low-key. Almost too low-key. I love staying inside and binging movies or rewatching old TV shows. I do love to go to the movies or take a walk to a coffee shop, but that’s about it. I’d like to think that if I lived in a more ‘outdoorsy’ state, I’d probably love hiking.

Space buns hair style

6. When was the last time you “didn’t have anything what to wear?”

Every. Single. Day. But I’m trying to remind myself of how ridiculous that really sounds.

7. Who takes your pictures?

My girlfriend does almost 90% of the time! She’s learning as she goes, but I think she does a pretty kickass job at it.

 When she's not shooting, it's just me and my camera's timer.

Space buns hair style

8. In what moment did you know you HAD to start a blog?

I don’t think there was ever a defining moment of “omg, I NEED TO BLOG NOW.” It sort of just happened on-and-off, post-manga days. I started doing it way more/consistently in college as a way to break out of my shy shell.

9. How do you like to spend your Sundays?

I consider my Sundays my “Do Nothing” days or my “No Plans and Go With It” days. Since I work a 9-6 M-F job, I like to be as zen as possible leading up to the work week.

Space buns hair style

10. What beauty brand are you currently obsessed with?

I’m really enjoying Sunday Riley and Origins A LOT recently. I’ve been feeling underwhelmed with makeup, so I’ve been into skincare way more.

11. What’s the one thing that always gets you out of a funk?

I used to think sleep did. Then I thought laying down and indulging on my favorite snacks was it. But I think I’ve cracked the code: a nice, long bath. I honestly feel like a brand new person after I take a bath.

Space buns hair style