Siempre Selena

viva la bonita selena quintanilla sweater

Thanks to my mom, I grew up listening to Selena's music. We'd listen to her songs on early weekend mornings when my mom would clean the house, whenever she was cooking in the kitchen, or anytime we were in the car. Selena's music was the soundtrack to my young life.

I remember watching the movie 'Selena' with my sister and both of us bawling our eyes out in our back porch. We ugly-cried. We sobbed. We were in disbelief that someone like her was taken away from this world so soon — too soon.

viva la bonita selena quintanilla sweater

Selena was an integral part of my cultural identity and upbringing. 

I'm not the only one; the way so many are able to relate to her throughout their life experiences is incredible. 

Her impact on the Latinx community — and predominantly Mexican/Mexican-American people — is so important.  

viva la bonita selena quintanilla sweater

I could go on and on about the Queen of Tejano music but I'll save that for another time. 

viva la bonita selena quintanilla sweater

Alright, so now that you have a little background on my love for the late singer you'll understand why I can't stop buying clothes with her songs and/or images on them.

If you saw my last YouTube video, you'd know I just scored an awesome black tee of her, and in one of my previous outfit posts I wore a shirt with one of her legendary songs and the beloved mazapan logo.

viva la bonita selena quintanilla sweater

The sweater I'm wearing was so kindly gifted to my by Rachel from Viva La Bonita and you can get your own right here.

Clearly it features the one, the only, the iconic Selena in all her glory! And let me tell you something about this sweater: it's the softest piece of clothing in my wardrobe. Viva La Bonita is an incredible brand — I wrote all about it for work — and if you're looking for some amazing new gear, support this online shop!

To give my OOTD more La Reina-like vibes, I paired it with one of my favorite faux fur coats. It reminds me of a panda, and pandas are one of my favorite animals.

viva la bonita selena quintanilla sweater

Oh, and I finally purchased my first Matt and Nat purse! It's a simple, average-sized black bag and I can't rave enough about it. 

matt and nat malone handbag

Obviously I can't stop wearing my "High Key" sunnies.

quay x desi perkins black high keys sunglasses

And thanks to my beautiful mother, I finally got my favorite velvet booties back. I bought them in 2015 thanks to my friend, Natalia, and wore them non-stop until...the seam down the middle of my right boot came undone. 

Shoe-repair specialists said they couldn't fix it, but my mom did and BAM, BBY, THEY'RE BACK IN ACTION.

Asos Radio Star Pointed Velvet Ankle Boots
viva la bonita selena quintanilla sweater

Fun fact: My favorite Selena song is 'El Chico Del Apartamento 512.'

viva la bonita selena quintanilla sweater