Pressed Juicery's 3-Day Cleanse // My Experience

pressed juicery 3 day juice cleanse


You may or may not know that I recently ended a 3-day juice cleanse  earlier this week. I entered the #TCMlovestory contest on The Chalkboard Mag site and won 2 sets of Pressed Juicery's 3-day cleanse (one for me and one for Lisa).

I felt so energized and great but it definitely tested my will-power and made me look internally on how I wanted to carry through a generally healthier lifestyle. Cliché, but...truthful.

I've been wanting to try it for a while, not because I wanted to lose weight this way but because I want to give myself a "clean slate" if you will to kick-start me on the way to a healthier lifestyle. Prior to getting the juices I got a juicer and I definitely feel like that helped me get accustomed to some of the flavors of the juices.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous to commit to the cleanse but I'm happy I did it and can report back my process, how I felt every day, and my favorite (and least favorite) juices. FYI - we did the 'Cleanse 2'  3-day cleanse which was 6 (16 fl. oz) juices each day plus 2 water = 8 bottles a day + 8 glasses of water

I was lucky to win this and experience something I had been researching for a bit.

Day 1 Schedule:

  • 9:45am // Juice 1 - Greens 2
    • kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon
  • 11:45am // Juice 2 - Citrus 2
    • apple, lemon, pineapple, mint
  • 1:45pm // Juice 3 - Greens 3
    • kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, ginger
  • 3:45pm // Juice 4 - Roots 3
    • apple, lemon, beet, ginger
  • 5:45pm // Juice 5 - Citrus 4
    • cucumber, lemon, pineapple, coconut h2o, aloe vera
  • 7:45pm// Juice 6 - Vanilla Almond
    • filtered water, almond, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt
  • 9:45pm// Aloe Vera h2o
  • ALL DAY // Chlorophyll h2o


  • Drank my first juice and realized I'm a slow drinker...the Greens 2 juice definitely tastes like one me and Lisa did this week, so far so good
  • The Citrus one is soooo good. I am craving brunch though :(
  • Another greens juice? 
  • I think I've gone to the bathroom about 17 times...
  • Getting hungier
  • Ohmygod...the Roots one has an after-taste of dirt - hatehatehate (I'm not a fan of beets, so why was I shocked?!)
  • I'm definitely hungry, I've been thinking about tacos and pizza all day and now I'm getting HANGRY
  • I cheated a little...and I feel kind of guilty because day 1 isn't even over yet, should I continue on? Did I mess up the process? Let me finish up the rest of the juices and go to bed so I can't get in my own head too much

Day 2 Schedule:

 - Same as Day 1 (see above) - except this is happening at work


  • Excited to drink the Greens drink, it wakes me up and I'm not a morning person AT ALL
  • It's getting easier to down these bad boys
  • I'm feeling so much more energized and clear-minded; am I playing tricks with myself? Am I psyching myself to believe I'm feeling a certain way because it should be doing this?
  • I'm not as hungry as I thought I'd be - probably because I'm on a schedule like a baby is - gotta' feed myself some juice every 2 hours
  • People at work probably think I have a bladder problem - having to use the restroom every 7 minutes or so is intense, I'm glad I wore my stretchy pants
  • The Roots juice didn't taste too bad today, but I still don't like it
  • Got kind of hungry around 5pm for solid food but keeping my eye-on-the-prize 
  • My mood was great!

Day 3 Schedule:

 - Same as Day 1 (see above) - except still happening at work


  • Woke up CRAVING the juice
  • Still so energized - loving this!
  • My skin is looking better...maybe because I bought a new cleanser, but it just looked brighter
  • Sad that this is my last day drinking my favorite juice (see: Juice 2 - Citrus 2)
  • My desk buddy got a grilled cheese for lunch - I am envying and this tested my patience but I just chugged my juice
  • The Roots drink was tolerable, even...dare I say it? Tasty
  • Starting to think about all the tacos I will devour tomorrow
  • Starting to think about all the tacos I won't devour because I want to be better, but still #lovetacos just gonna' limit the amount I get
  • Feeling great before bed

All in all, I felt better internally - no weight loss (because that was not what I wanted it for/it was meant to do), but it made me realize how much greater my body reacts to straight up fruits and vegetables. Duh, Yumi. I think it definitely is a test to your will-power and shows how much our body definitely needs all these crazy amazing nutrients. Would I do it again?

Maybe. I did it once and think that was a good stepping stone to remain on the right track. To be honest, I think I'm just going to make juices myself and incorporate them into my daily breakfast or lunches. 

Below you'll find photos of each juice in the order of my FAVORITE to LEAST FAVORITE - let's keep it real:

#1 ALL TIME FAVORITE // Citrus 2

Taste: The mint really is light and refreshing. I wish I could have this every day - LOVE!

pressed juicery 3 day juice cleanse

#2 // Greens 2

Taste: Leafy (hard to fully explain) - the lemon tones down all the green, but like the first one, it is truly refreshing

pressed juicery 3 day juice cleanse

#3 // Greens 3

Taste: Like above but the ginger gives it a zestier vibe and tones down the greens even more than the first one

pressed juicery 3 day juice cleanse

#4 // Vanilla Almond

Taste: Like straight up vanilla bean - there are chunky pieces though that are off-putting to me but I have texture issues, FYI. The consistency is milky (different than all the other juices which was nice for the palette)

pressed juicery 3 day juice cleanse

#5  // Citrus 4

Taste: Water with a faint taste of cucumber. 

pressed juicery 3 day juice cleanse

#6 // Roots 3

Taste: Spicy/zesty (which I liked) but the after-taste was that of dirt which totally threw me off and made it so hard to take down - it's because of the beets :/ I think you either will love it or hate it OR grow to kind of like it.

pressed juicery 3 day juice cleanse

# 0 // Aloe Vera h2o + Chlorophyll h2o

Taste: BASIC. WATER. delicious, in my opinion.

pressed juicery 3 day juice cleanse