In's & Out's No. 8

Last "In's & Out's" was in September - man, crazy how 4-5 months can fly by! These are a little more personal in the sense that they are tailored to me, not any trend or "hype" that is happening, for the most part! Awesomely enough, there are way more "In's" - enjoy!




  • Putting a collared shirt under jumpers/sweaters - especially if the sweater has a graphic on it (I've been too addicted to this)
  • Naps (I just found out how to re-incorporate them into my life)
  • My new glasses! Well...okay, they're the same except my frames were ruined so I got the same exact pair again and the same style in black too!
  • Vanilla ice-cream with bananas in it during the wintertime 
  • Reading during my commute to/from work
  • Black leather/pleather overalls (pants)
  • Drinking lots and lots of water with some frozen fruit in it
  • Hats - always
  • Leopard (for me)- I can't wait to rock some leopard and mint colored things together! 
  • Speaking of leopard: my new UNIF X Nastygal 'Hellbound' shoes  - I'm now 6 inches taller! You can see my new babies in the picture below:
unif x nasty gal leopard hellbound high heels

I paired them with my AA frill socks


  • Ombré hair - for me at least, I'm so happy mine is almost gone (who knows if I'll revisit it, we had a good time :P)
  • Cold weather + rain
  • Spending so much money on lunch everyday
  • Creative mind blocks
  • Huge backpacks that whack you in the face while you're on the bus/train :(
  • Crocs - always - especially when worn with 5 layers of socks in the middle of winter...just, no, please.
  • People who are assholes, obviously