Holographic Pieces - Yay/Nay?


I created a mini "collage" of some of the holographic/iridescent pieces that I've seen floating around on the internet (and you can see it at the end of this text post). I personally have my eye on the oxford shoe in the middle by Miista; I have some silver tin-foilesque oxfords that I got from Target and they slighly remind me of these...I'm a creature of habit, what can I say? I, personally, love it even though it is one of those "on trend" moments. Everyone from Stella McCartney to Proenza Schouler have made some pieces that have this cool effect.

But the question remains: Are we into it? Is it overdone? Is it tacky or just right? 



holographic clothing shoes and accessories

From left to right:

  1. Dress - Jeremy Scott
  2. Wallet - Comme des Garçons
  3. Clutch - Stella McCartney
  4. Sling-back wedge - Stella McCartney
  5. Pumps - NastyGal
  6. iPhone case - Urban Outfitters
  7.  Backpack - Deena & Ozzy
  8.  Pointed flats - F21
  9.  Mini satchel- Proenza Schouler
  10. Shorts - Etsy
  11. Platforms - Jeffrey Campbell
  12.  Oxfords - Miista
  13. Blue flatforms - Ego & Greed
  14. Long-strap bag - NastyGal
  15.  Purple clutch - Deena & Ozzy
  16.  Sandals - Stella McCartney
  17. Jesus sunnies - Etsy