Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Let's face it...I buy a lot of sh*t and I haven't posted on here in a while, so I thought I'd do a post on some of the things I've purchased recently that are my favorites. I have so much more to shoot/blog about and more items coming in the mail any day now, but we can save that for another time. I'll also try to style some of these pieces in real outfit of the days and such. For now, here are some of the items of my materialistic habits  - and they make me happy.

PS: Singing in the song actually starts at around the 18 second mark - enjoy!



Cherub Cassidy Tank by Wildfox

Cherub Cassidy Tank by Wildfox. The cut of this tank is perfect!

Cherub Cassidy Tank by Wildfox
Mocha laced tail blouse from Nastygal

Mocha laced tail blouse from Nastygal.

Pink studded ballet flats by Topshop

Pink studded ballet flats by Topshop.

Union Jack sweater by Forever 21

Union Jack sweater by F21 & awesome phone case gifted to me by Fawn! I love the UK :)

Rings from Nastygal

Rings from Nastygal.

lime crime lipsticks

"Oh No She Didn't" (left) & "Chinchilla" (right) lipsticks by Limecrime.

lime crime lipsticks
Sugar High Blouse from Nastygal

Sugar High Blouse from Nastygal.

Who knew mint/peach/purple could work so well?!

Skull necklace by Zara

Skull necklace by Zara.

Chicago mug by Intelligentsia

Chicago mug by Intelligentsia - bought from Bakin' and Eggs.