2012...what a year - what.a.year.

Where to begin? What to say? What to learn from? What to laugh at? What to cry from?

All I can say is that this year has been crazy, from graduating from an incredible university, to getting a career in what I studied, to cursing more, to having two new additions to the family (my 2nd nephew and my adorable cat), to over-analyzing, to loving, to traveling, to understanding myself a little better...

...and the list goes on and on.

I just hope everyone finds a bit of happiness and can look back and smile on the year and take on 2013 with a stronger force to be better and do better.

One thing I couldn't leave 2012 without doing is getting my 1st tattoo. I've been excited to post about it because it's something I've wanted forever (for my own personal meaning) and because I felt liberated - nothing sucks more than the overwhelming weight of caring about what other people may think. Good thing I stopped caring and just went for it. 

My tattoo is an evil eye and I love it.

Adios 2012!



evil eye tattoo

and here's a quick/cliche/cheesy but truthful statement to remind yourself:

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