On Being Real

Today's post doesn't include an outfit of the day, or a new obsession of mine, or even a new song that I can't get out of my head, but instead I want to touch on something that I hold near and dear to my heart: being true to yourself. I know it may sound cheesy or like a cliche, but I am a huge advocate for doing things in life that suit you, not because you want to be like someone else or compete to be better than them. I think you're doing a great disservce to yourself if you can't learn to be happy with who you are. I do understand that we are a compilation of other people/things that we meet in our life that adds to who we are as a whole and I think that's a beautiful thing. However, I do feel that turning into a carbon copy takes away from the unique energy and dynamic personality that you can put into the world. I think when I was younger, I struggled with having my own voice and way of being because I thought that I needed to be like the rest of people who surrounded me - I was so wrong. Since then, I've grown into someone who I want(ed) to be and have learned to embrace myself with my quirky traits, eccentric thoughts, flaws and all. With that, I keep a very tight knit group of people around me and have stopped being friends with others because they have yet to learn how to be real, and being around people like that is very draining for me. Being annoyed and dissapointed by people who constantly took other's ideas and claimed them as their own/did not have an ounce of self-imagination just wasn't for me. To be honest, it's a bit disheartening because you can see the potential someone may have, but it's stunted by their negative fuel. Eliminating them has been so refreshing and I encourage you all to eliminate those who are negative in their self-being and actions. It doesn't have to be dramatic in any way. Don't let their insecurities and toxic ways stunt your growth and progression.

 I made this blog in 2008 and have since changed the direction I wanted it to take and it's truly grown into a personal space of mine that reflects who I am. From the type of posts that I make, to the layouts and color schemes I've gone through, to the videos I've filmed and had the courage to put up. These are all very real pieces of me and what I like and I never thought in a million years that I would want to share this publicly for fear of criticism. But...who cares! People may love me, people may hate me - hell, I may be irrelevant but I'm having fun, living life the way I want to, and most importantly...being real (to myself, and everyone else). No one can take this away from me and no one can be me and this is the most empowering feeling in the world.

Love yourselves. Be yourselves. You'll go far and it'll be so fulfilling in the end.