Spring Spring Spring!

Maybe it's the fact that I have a midterm in a couple of hours or that I'm too scared to look at my bank account, but I'm not obsessing over a tangible item. What I am obsessing over is the insanely beautiful weather we have going on in the midwest; mid-to-high 70's. The quad is packed with people playing frisbee, walking the tightrope, reading books in hammocks and basking in the sun while laying on the grass. The entire mood is roaring with excitement and the pastels and bright colored pants have come out to play (thankfully my neon pants from 3 years ago can come back into rotation - never throw stuff away!) Spring break is upon me and I'm daydreaming of beaches, delicious fruity drinks and a nice glow to my skin. I hope everyone's enjoying life's little pleasures!

PS: If this song and picture don't make you feel excited for springtime...what is wrong with you?!