In's & Out's No. 6

I usually don't post In's and Out's so close to each other, or update them so frequently because I like the excitement and new experiences/thoughts to fully kick in, but I thought, "Why not?" So here's the first In's and Out's of this year! Enjoy!




  • Braiding a small portion of my hair and pinning it back. I don't know if it's because I'm used to having my hair shaved on the left side (Circa Sept./Oct. 2010, or if I generally hate hair in my face), but I've been doing this non-stop.
  • The new tights my bestie got me. Cream with  minted polka-dots.
  • My Bobble water bottle. I bought it when I went to the UK last summer and have rekindled my relationship with it.
  • Sheer blouses...still
  • Sunlight
  • Gum...and obsession since I can remember.
  • Flourescent neon sticky notes
  • Pastels making a come-back...even tough they never left my closet!
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  • Breaking a sounds so cliche, but it hurted!
  • he cold.
  • The overpriced sunglasses I want...and am trying to justify the price for the MONEY is the 'out' not the glasses!
  • Self-doubt. That shit is soooo out of my life!
  • Makeup that's been on for 8+ hrs without a touch-up (for me)
  • Becoming more and more scared of 'scary' movies...they used to be my favorite genre! Dang!
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