In's & Out's No. 5

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  • A brand-spankin' fresh New Year right around the corner. What's not to love about the enthusiasm people have about turning a 'new leaf'.
  • My hair dye fading. I'm a little sad that it's fading, but I can't help to love how many different shades of pink is going on!
  • Claws. On bags, socks, earrings...anything. I know it's a passing fad, but I've been sucked into its entirety.
  • NYLON magazine's January 2012 issue (with Dianna Agron on the cover). I'm diggin' the 60's re-revival (because you know it's too amazing, it keeps coming back)
  • Me and my best friend's (Ruth) obsession with shoes. We literally gasp on the phone over the stunning and ecelctic shoes we find. YES!
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  • This dreary weather.'s putting a damper on my days...see what I did there? ;)
  • Driving to work in the dark, driving back home in the dark (see above 'out' for why there is a lack of sunlight)
  • My Apple headphones not working anymore (the right ear bud at least). Don't get me wrong, I have other headphones that are awesome, but too big to bring around to certain places. Why do Apple headphones always break?!
  • Kitten heels. Always out. & I repeat:  always out (for me).
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