In's & Out's No. 3

I'm back at it again, another In's & Out's! This morning has been a strange one for say the least. Not weird in the sense that strange things happened around me, weird in the sense of my mood, and for some reason it always tends to happen around this time. Let's just say, I'm waiting for 7 pm to roll around = get out of school and just relax!

(Photos courtesy of Tumblr)


  • Fall weather! Even though it's not technically fall yet, this weather makes me excited, from the layers of clothes to sitting down on my couch with a nice warm tea watching the trees change color...cliche, I know, but it's ok.
  • Dark lipstick colors. This has always been an 'in' for me. I wear black/berry/vampy lipstick all year round.
  • Sheer and flowy materials. When I went to London this was everywhere, it was about time that the US caught on. 
tumblr inspo


  • Un-motivated for school. There's nothing attractive about not being driven...get it together, Yumi!
  • Feeling financially tied down - needs no explanation.
  • My hair! Don't get me wrong, I like my hair, but I get bored with it so fast, so I have to do something about it soon. Time to book an appointment with my hair stylist.
  • Nose nose stud. Putting my hoop back in, tonight. 
tumblr inspo