do you love what you do?


Went on a mini-hiatus because my sister came down to my uni for her spring break! I wish the weather was better so that we could go to the downtown area, or just relax and read a book while drinking tea on the quad (yes...I'm trying to drink tea). We've had fun, but most of all..she's been relaxing and I really think she needs it because high school can be draining on various levels. Never underestimate the brutality of the school life. I know there are millions upon billions of horrible things, but sometimes even the most privileging of things can make someone feel burnt out causing such a negative view on life. I hope she's been happy here, because she's made me happy here.

She actually sparks a rare creative light inside of me. When I see her, I always want to dress her up-my own live doll. I think I appreciate her musing me because she is one of the rare people who tell me how it is and just get my personality. 

So I present to you a video I made of her. I LOVED doing this. I'm the girl who advocates making videos for everything and I'm finally doing instead of just saying. Creating fun and enlightening pieces that aren't for a competition but because I truly feel happy when producing it. There's no logistics or fancy numbers involved. My heart smiles when I'm able to express what's in my head in a visual form. 

In other news, I started this post in French because in my stay at the the very end, I'm going to Paris for 3 days! (or at least am going to try superly duperly hard) I leave the country so soon! My best friend Ruth also leaves very soon to be with her soulmate/fiance/lover/best man ever in his home country (won't reveal too much...don't stalk her :P ) She gives other people such hope for long distance relationships.

Everybody, smile!

& I present to creation, watch it in HD and enjoy!