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( I should really start putting in my lip ring stud instead of just letting my bar peek out, oh the laziness )

It's December 25th 2010 and that means it's Christmas! or any other holiday that you celebrate around this time :) I've been on break for over a week now and find myself wasting time sleeping, a lot! It's time to go make some plans with people and enjoy my city but as strange as this sounds, I feel like I've become really attached to Champaign. Weird. Anyways, another thing that struck me as odd was that my capitalistic hunger was not in full effect this holiday season. I, actually, didn't ask for anything so there were no presents underneath the tree for me or anyone else in this family. We just go to the mall, pick up what we want and we call it a day- and this year, me and my sister didn't even pick up anything crazy...two shirts, at most and some makeup, haha. I guess that's when it hit me that I have everything I want and need. Relief. I still need to wrap my bestie's gift(s)/birthday present(s)- it's been a long time since I've seen her!

Om nom nom time and then off to read a book or something intellectual, haha.