thankfully thanking you

thanksgiving thoughts

(My sister (left) and me)

thanksgiving thoughts

(Best nephew, ever!)

thanksgiving thoughts

(Express yourself!!)

So today is the infamous turkey day. I've already eaten and hit food coma, I'm just passing some time until I go to my first Black Friday shopping extravaganza! It better be good, I swear.

So, I've been hit by a ray of happiness...real, feel it in your heart, happiness because I realized how lucky I truly am. Funny how a day can do that, right? I can be a complainer and lose sight of things because I make things seem like they're the end of the world but my issues are miniscule compared to what is happening to other 20 year old girls who are less fortunate then I am. I salute you, you brave hearted souls. Everyone is beautiful. So here's my list:

I'm thankful for:

-Family: They've always been my backbone and support system (for the most part). It's nice to have a pretty stable, but dysfunctional, family tie. They love me and I love them. It's as simple as that.

-Friends: Though I may have faded into the background with some, and stand in the spotlight with others, I appreciate the company I keep with me. These people make me want to socialize because I am SUCH a homebody.

-Roommates: Okay...they also classify as friends, but they're so special that they need they're own recognition. For the craziest nights they've witnessed me in, to my insanely random hyper antics, they understand me as a person. I'd like to believe I'm pretty easy to live with and that they feel the same way about me (:

-Love: I don't thank a name, but rather the act of being able to have fallen in love...of having been able to feel the unexplainable phenomenon. It's beautiful and corruptive and incomprehensible. When you find it, exude all of your happiness into it. Even if it's for a day, a month, or a year, okay? Thanks, love <3

-Malls/Money/Music: It allows me to express myself in ways that I visualize. It sounds petty, but I'm thankful I have this gateway open for me.  These 3M's really represent my mood. Wear my heart on my sleeve much? haha

-School: I go to a beautiful school. Yes, it may be in the "middle of nowhere", but I'm getting a top-notch education (with the loans to prove it). I mean, c''s a Big Ten school...I sometimes feel like I have way more than a right to brag. I work hard and karma will grace me ever so gently.

-Everything else in between: Like being a completely healthy person, with two eyes, two legs, two arms, a mouth...etc,etc. You get the picture. I'm enthusiastic about it all. Oh...and my mom's food was delicious, it always is, I love you mommy!!!

I'll try to remember these when I get stubborn.

Until the next time....roger that.

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