Hanging High

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I've been neglecting my blogspot for so long :( Forgive me publicly web-viewable journal for I have sinned! --Cutting the dramatics short, the days seem to have flown right past my eyes. The school grind kicked my ass but I've been on my fall break (which has been much anticipated and needed). I missed home...you know, that "sleeping late, watching bad morning tv, mom's amazing cooking, dad complaining about something" type-of-home. Besides home, I missed my hometown-->Chicago. It really is so beautiful. I don't mind the cold winters, I actually don't mind the drastic seasons at all. They seem to keep my head right and my clothing options in seasonal check. Speaking of seasonal...my internship boss wants me to work during my winter break, blessing in disguise? I must have done something right for her to contact me and not the other way around :) Proud moment right there. 

I've got big plans, BIG plans that I'm ready to seize and deliver. Keep your eyes peeled world, I'm back and better than ever. 

Oyvey...I ramble my thoughts all over this social medium.

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