Why TJMAXX Makes Me Happy

I was going through my iPhoto Library and came across the folder with 10/03/10 marked on it and saw these photos in it. It was a mini-shopping trip I took for myself to go get workout things to get me motivated and I ended up coming out with these things:


(How amazing is this pack? I saw it and the wrapping alone suckered me into it. I've never purchased Vogue Italia, or any international Vogue for that matter)


(It came with all of these magazines in it! Pretty badass and not to mention that I can read 90% of the Italian in there thanks to my less than decent Spanish skills, hehe)

(Boots bought on impulse. SOOOO COMFY!)

(I actually bought yoga pants and a tank to get my mind right. Note to self: Actually start working out)


(The best way to get in the grind is to buy magazines with beautiful toned bodies and how to just better your lifestyle. I sound like a health freak...but I'm not...yet)

( Yeah,yeah, Yoga makes me all zen and whatnot, helps me balance my body and life. And what's there to say about this chicken book? 100 recipes for a chicken lover like me= HEAVEN!)


(I just needed to buy water and when I came across VOSS water I was super.fucking.happy. I've been wanting this water for a year now? I always seemed to not have the right timing at Whole Foods - always sold out. I just love the glass bottle and how huge it is. Got my mommy a big and little one because she's a bottle/cute package lover like me)