Day 6: Missing Persons

mirror pic

(I wonder how many poses I'm going to exhaust in my mirror. And I think I'm wearing super baggy clothes to trick my mind about my body...maybe. Still gotta' work out!)

Why do I always do this? Give up on the constant blogging I hype myself up to do but then fail? I've been on Tumblr and YouTube way too much. I've been studying pretty hard because I need to be on my A game. I did a photoshoot for a calendar, on Friday, Sept. 24th (which is when this camera whoring picture came about) We drove to Curtis Apple Orchard in Champaign! It's such a cute place full of people and so many activities to do. I want to make a cute picnic there with wine, bread, strawberries and nutella along with a good book and my camera. The girl we shot photos of was super nice and a completely sweetheart, but I keep running into all of these Koreans! I love them, though :P haha I also went to Kenneth's 21st birthday which was a stress reliever that was much needed; especially when we left his apartment and went to the club (Cly's) afterwards. Nothing beats dancing to the best music and singing as loud as you want - you just lose yourself in the moment, no inhibitions. Midterms are coming up and it's not the best time for me to be in this weird slump. The past week has been full of thinking, eating way too much, sleeping at weird hours and feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I still feel like I can't keep up with myself, when will that change?