Day 1: I'm Trying


(Old serious-ish Yumi photo, ftw!)

It's another sleepless night and I decided that I want to get back into blogging. Real blogging. I contemplated writing on Tumblr, but I think that page is like my own personal scrapbook of photos and quotes that I love and I'd rather not taint it any more with my rambles. I don't know what drove me to the edge to erase all my old posts, it makes me sad, same thing applies to deleting my Xanga a couple years ago now. I want to really follow through with this. I do follow through with everything in the beginning but midway through, some sort of crisis happens and I just can't handle what I write about my life. Dramatic...I know. So I'm going to try really hard to put up a picture and a little blurb about myself and let's see this transformation. This picture is from this summer and I've already changed - gotten my nose pierced, hair is way longer and a different color and...I don't know what else, but that's fine.

I think it's funny that I'm writing as if someone's reading this, when it should be for myself. But if you're a random person that somehow managed to fall onto this page: Hello :)

I'll find time, I have to learn how to, for this, for people, for myself.

And so it is.

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