About Ymijan
About Ymijan

Let’s cut to the chase: you’re probably wondering how to even pronounce Ymijan, right? let me help you out.

I'm named after my grandmother; she passed away two weeks before I came into this crazy, wild world and I feel beyond lucky to carry on a legacy.

I was born and raised in Chicago — the actual city, not some suburb — and have lived here my whole life. I’m Mexican/Albanian/American. I’m a proud cat lady and love my two Nuggets, Mila and Dexter. I get weak in the knees for tacos. Yup, I'm queer. I will almost always order a gin or mezcal-based drink.

This little corner of the internet — the blog I call home — started in 2010 and has gone through a lot of changes. It has been an intimate journal, a photo dump, a musical archive, and everything in between. I even made the decision to change my then-called “Obsessions and Collections” site in 2016 to “Ymijan.” 

It’s ever-evolving, and at its core it has always been a visual representation of me and my self-exploration and expression through personal style. 

If you’re into outfit shots and personal storytelling, you’ve come to the right place!